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OPINION: A picture of happiness: The lens of a lopsided relationship

Photo by Steve Gale on Unsplash

Healthy relationships are about compromise, finding balance and working to each other’s strengths. I have been blessed in my relationship, that for the most part, balance has been effortlessly achieved. I find nothing more relaxing than selecting a recipe from one of my many cookbooks and spending the evening cooking, while Diego enjoys tuning out with a podcast and doing the washing up, I do the laundry, he does the vaccuming, he loves to drive and I make an exceptional road trip DJ.

In most places in our relationship, we have found a wonderful harmony, however, every ointment needs a fly, and for us, there is one area which candidly lets us down. The “Pics I Take Of My Boyfriend Vs. Pics He Takes Of Me” debate has raged on the internet for years positing that every relationship is an eternal struggle between the snap-happy and the snap-crappy, and for Diego and I that could not be more apt.

Photo by James O’Hagan for The Circular

With a background in design and a keen understanding of the aesthetic my love can work magic with a smartphone capturing the essence of a moment in a perfectly framed single shot, I on the other hand approach photography like a bull in a china shop.

Despite expert tutorage from my beloved on how to frame the perfect shot, and trying my best to do justice to his beauty and effervescence, I consistently produce blurry, overexposed, or just downright unrecognizable photos. For every Magic Moment he captures there’s a bevvy of Monstrous Moments I’ve attempted.

At a recent wedding, I was tasked with taking the all-important ‘fit check photo, I cleaned my phone’s lens, found the light and was confident that I’d adhered to the “rule of thirds” but still managed to cut off his entire left foot.

Despite these occasional photographic fiascos, our love remains unshakable. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not about the picture-perfect moments, but the imperfectly perfect memories we create together.

Photo by James O’Hagan for The Circular

So here’s to the couples who navigate the lens of love, where one captures the moments and the other… well, tries their best. After all, life’s too short for perfectly framed photos and straight horizons. Embrace the blur, embrace the chaos, and most importantly, embrace each other… even if you accidentally cut off their left foot in the process.

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