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A day in my life as a Griffith College student

Photo/Logo: Griffith College

I am doing a master’s in Journalism and Public relations I Griffith College Dublin. Griffith College is one of the top universities in Ireland. Its beautiful campus is located on South Circular Road Dublin. My decision to study at Griffith College was due to ti its many facilities for students.

Dublin is a very lovely city to live in as an international student. I am enjoying my time living in Dublin.

My Tik Tok video just covers a typical day in my life as a Griffith College student. The best part of my day is taking the bus to the city center. I love having to see the beautiful buildings and now that we are approaching summer time the trees are blossoming it’s a beautiful sight.

When I get arrive to school I always get a cup of coffee at the school cafeteria. I am currently working on my dissertation so after my coffee, I head to the library to work on my research.

My time at Griffith as a masters student is the best in my life have been able to do incredible things all thanks to Griffith college.

Griffith College is a school with a diverse student body with students from all over the world. This allows me to learn about different cultures which are different from mine  I enjoy interacting with other students and telling them crazy stories about my home city Lagos.

If you a looking for a place with a high standard of education and a diverse student body Griffith college should be your choice.

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