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A Census of the Panamanian Population in the Right Time

Photo from pixabay for The Circular.

Last year 2023 Panama executed its twelfth census with the result of a total population of 4.2 million people. The census comes at a good time since the Panamanian elections are to take place on the 5th of May of the present year. The census will be highly beneficial for candidates and institutions organizing the events. Candidates who are now running their campaigns will be able to use this data to address their political strategies before the elections.

Is important to take into account that up to the previous election and particularly part of this election period, all political parties were using data from the last census done in 2010. I hope the elections are going to be carried out with great accuracy and most of the population will take part in this democratic celebration.

One of the institutions that outlined the outstanding work done by the National Institute of Statistics and Census was the National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT). The Institution offered information on how the census had been carried down, the technology implemented and the interpretation of the results a couple of months after the Census.

The elections where eight political parties are running for the presidency and multiple for a spot in the assembly will determine the future of the country for the next decade. This election turns out to be important as the country is a significant ally of the U.S. and a great part of global commerce goes through the isthmus.

Panama has been for long time one of the best countries for starting businesses with several investors depositing their trust in the country. Now with this decisive election, the future of the country for the next five years will be decided.

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These elections have been full of controversy and surprises since two former Ex presidents were running and one of them, Ricardo Martinelli have been banned by the supreme court for being condemned to 11 years in prison for money laundry. Martinelli has been in prison before for similar issues and had been taken to Panama to face justice. However it was not until this year that Panamanian justice system had been able to condemn him.

Last year the country went through though protests that gathered thousands of people on the streets and ignited the displesure of many ecological groups. The protest were against a mining company that was operation illegally for many years and wanted to renew it. These demonstrations catched the international attention of news media. The citizens just expect to go through pacific elections and a trusty government to take over.

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