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Exodus migration of Nigeria’s graduates to Europe and America

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As a result of poor handling of the Nigerian educational sector, which has resulted in a series of strikes by the Academic staff union of University (ASUU) and current students have been off school for the past three months in 2022. Survey shows that the union has been on strike one out of every four days in the last six years. This academic instability has led to most persons flying Abroad to seek a better education.

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With the harsh economy in Nigeria, most Nigerian vibrant and educated youths are massively eloping the country to Europe and North America. One of the major destinations of these immigrants is the Republic of Ireland, probably because the country’s main language is English; thus, communication won’t be a barrier. One of the sorts of Visa types for those Nigeria’s Graduates who wish to migrate out of the country is the ‘Study Visa.’

The FOI survey requested the Irish department of justice, which aims to investigate the number of youths that country has lost to foreign countries, Using Ireland as a case study through the travel abroad measures (study visa). Since the beginning of the current government in Nigeria and numbers of those who also seek asylum in the Republic of Ireland.

Visa Statistics/ source: department of justice 2022

The received information stated that over 4,194 in total have applied for visas to study in the Republic of Ireland between 2017 and 2021, with 3,040 persons granted and others denied.

This shows to a large extent the amount of exodus migration that has occurred recently in Nigeria as a result of the current state of the Nation. Below is a statistics of Nigeria asylum seekers in Ireland.

Nigeria asylum seekers statistics/ source: department of justice

These statistics have proven the rate of massive immigration of educated graduates out of the country due to the country’s bad governance. Therefore, it is only expected that the government look inward to rehabilitate its educational sector to avoid decadence in the educational sector.

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