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7 Popular Nigerian Dishes.

Nigeria is a home to over 250 ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own cultural practices, language and tradition. Some of Nigeria’s major ethnic groups are The Yoruba, The Hausa, Igbo, Fulani and Ijaw. There are so many other ethnic groups in smaller groups and this diversity makes Nigeria a rich cultural and complex society. Through this diversity of culture, Nigeria is known for its diverse culinary traditions.

Nigerian food is flavorful and aromatic. Fortunately, Nigerian delicacies have been getting recognition all around the globe through means such as social media platform etc.

Here is a list of 10 popular Nigerian dishes you should try


Jollof rice. (PHOTO: all recipes)

This delicious dish is the most popular dish in Nigeria. Jollof rice recipe is a true West African classic and here is my take on it. This fragrant rice is made with rich ingredients like meat stock, garlic, onions, tomatoes and spicy chilies adding an incredible depth of flavor. The secret to getting that great jollof is to slightly burn the rice to give that smoky flavor. This popular meal is often served at celebrations and gatherings.

The meal can be paired with fried chicken, grilled beef, coleslaw, plantain and some cold juice to step it down.

Here is Sisi Jemimah’s recipe on Youtube on how to make the perfect smoky jollof rice.



This delicacy has been quite popular in Nigeria but off recent it has been trending on social media all over the world and people can’t seem to get enough of this delicious meal.

Egusi soup has a wonderfully complex flavor and is made with traditional west African ingredient and spices. It is a very thick soup and actually more of stew as you can eat it with rice and other dishes.

Egusi is made from melon seeds. It is cooked with vegetables, assorted meat, fish and palm oil. This soup is usually paired with pounded yam which is a smooth and stretchy dough made from yam.

Ryan Turley, a popular youtuber posted a video on Youtube trying out this Nigerian delicacy and gave a review of it.


PUFF- PUFF (PHOTO: Precious Core)

Puff-Puff is a very popular West African street food. Almost all Nigerians are lovers of this snack, the fluffy texture and taste is just one to try out. Puff-Puff is similar to doughnut and Ghanian boflot. it is soft and easy to make and requires just few ingredients to make. The ingredients consist of flour, yeast, water, eggs, sugar, and butter. this is made into a dough and deep fried in vegetable oil.

Puff-Puff is usually eaten as starters or snack. In Nigerian parties you can almost be sure puff puff is part of the menu. it can be served as small chops which is puff puff accompanied with other finger food.

This snack can be eaten at anywhere and at anytime.

sisi yemmie a chef Has on Youtube has a video of how to make this easy and delicious Nigeria snack.


Amala and Ewedu (photo: Efetobore Oniyamah)

Amala and ewedu soup popularly known as Abula is another very famous delicacy. It originated from the Yoruba ethnic group in southwest Nigeria. Amala is made from yams, cassava or unripe plantain flour. the yam tubers are cleaned, dried and processed into flour. It is known as yam flour or Elubo as the yoruba ethnic group calls it. When dried the yam tubers turns brown giving it a distinctive color. Amala is served with ewedu soup which is also known as jute soup, It is a popular leafy vegetable soup in Nigeria and other part of Africa. Pairing both Amala and Ewedu together is a perfect match and some people also add beans soup to this food combination.

This meal is accompanied with assorted meat and fish and is very popular in restaurants known as Buka in Nigeria.

Gina cooks on Tiktok posted a video show casing this delicious delicacy.



MOIN- MOIN also known as moi moi (beans pudding) is a delicious,savory steamed beans pudding made commonly in Nigeria. this delicious and popular meal is made from ground beans, veg oil, peppers, fish, eggs and some spices. It is often served as a side dish. It can be served with jollof rice, coleslaw, cassava flakes and can also be eaten alone.

This delicacy is cooked in moin moin leaf also called ovate elliptic leaf which adds to the flavor of this meal.

Here is a recipe on how to make moin moin by Nigeria chef Ify on Youtube.



Sea food okro is another popular soup in Nigeria meal. The okro is blended and cooked with sea food such as prawns, lobster, crabs and fish. the combination of this ingredient gives a unique taste and flavor.

This rich and earthly taste soup is a perfectly balanced dish served along side with Fufu which is a stretchy dough made out of cassava and plantain pounded together.

The Adim family ASMR with Nigeria sea food okro and fufu



Akara is a popular street food in Nigeria. It is usually eaten for breakfast and can be served with Pap or cassava flakes. Some people also love to eat this fluffy and tasty snack with bread or alone. this popular snack is very filling and easy to make.

Akara is made with blended beans mixed local spices and seasoning and deep fried in vegetable oil.

Foodies and spice has a video uploaded on Youtube showing a detailed method on how to make this fluffy snack.

What Nigerian food have you tried? Share your thoughts and opinion.

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