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4-year-old girl makes decorated cakes and draws attention on the web: ‘Children are capable of anything’

Photo by Brent Keane

Ellis, a 4-year-old Canadian girl, has been drawing attention on social media for making decorated cakes, following her mother’s footsteps and recipes.

According to Joey, Ellis’ mother, the little artist has been making “two cakes a week for over a year.” “Children are capable of anything,” she says.

In one of the posts, she still says that she usually receives criticism about how much Ellis has been dominating her page on the network.

“Do people say that to me like it’s a bad thing? I love that this is everything to her. I hope my kids are better than me, not just making cakes but everything. Nothing makes me happier than seeing- them accomplish great things.”

Ellis’ feats are shared on TikTok and Instagram, a page that has more than 125,000 followers.

There, Ellis shows his skills by assembling the cakes full of colors, layers and fillings.

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Heloísa Garcia, Canvas infographic

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