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4 of the best movies from the past year that you probably haven’t seen

  1. Blackberry

If you are of a certain age, there is a high chance that you owned a Blackberry at some point. This film, featuring ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’ star Glenn Howerton in career best performance, depicts the rise and fall of the mobile phone company Blackberry, which dominated the mobile phone market and was the go-to prior to the invention of the iphone. This critically acclaimed film details the decisions which lead this once ambitious start-up to become a 75 billion dollar empire and subsequently to crash. This film is filled with tension and suspense and will make you nervous, despite already knowing the outcome. It is sure to delight any fans of biopics or those with an interest in business.

2. Rye Lane

There have been many complaints in recent years that the rom-com genre is dying out. It seems that the golden age of rom coms from the 90s and early 2000s is over, with few seemingly being released in recent years. This film will relieve those who are fans of the genre and assure them that there is still lots of good material left out there. This wholesome film takes place over the course of one exciting day as two Londoners bond over their breakups and find comfort in each other. Despite being a shorter film than most, at only 82 minutes in length, it has received rave reviews from critics and delivers more heart than most films do in hours. This smaller budget film is proof that studios do not need tens of millions of dollars to deliver good material.

3. How to have sex

This film, directed by Molly Manning Walker in her directorial debut, features a group of teenagers as they jet off on their post-exam holiday to Malia for some hedonistic fun following the end of secondary school. This film takes a look into the dark and harrowing realities of the sexual experiences of young women, who must navigate rape culture and pressure from their peers in these situations. Although disturbing at times, this film is a necessary look at the realities women endure and how this behaviour is perpetuated. This film’s lead, Mia McKenna-Bruce, has become the film’s breakout star following her convincing and heartbreaking performance, even winning the BAFTA for breakout star of the year.

4. Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret

This book, originally published in 1970, has defined generations through its depiction of universal experiences, primarily that of puberty. These issues remain universal and always will, as this is something that all women must endure. This film follows Margaret, a young teenage girl who must cope with her family drama, her changing body and new social situations as she enters puberty. This heartwarming film was largely overlooked by many this year, despite stellar performances from the cast, including Rachel McAdams, who plays Margaret’s mother. This film certainly does the source material justice and remains earnest and heartwarming throughout.

photographed by Nathan Engels
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