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3 Things we failed to get rid of as a specie

Augusto Carlos_illustration

This article covers 3 big trends that humanity failed to get rid of.


Around 2000 BCE, the earliest variants of astrology appeared in ancient Mesopotamia, or what is now Iraq. Among the first to methodically track and document celestial body movements and relate them to Earthly occurrences were Babylonian priests and astronomers. They created the first form of horoscope astrology, matching astrological placements with occasions and individuals.

Anyhow, even In times of West and East disagreements astrologers are thriving in both scenarios. So as the topic in a conversation:

Augusto Carlos illustration
Augusto Carlos illustration

Personally, I don’t believe in astrology and unless you’re a Scorpio you will, probably, have a great time reading this article. Or if you are a Gemini you will probably just half-like it.

Either like it or not astrology is proving to be here to stay, and it is becoming mainstream again, but one might ask, has it not been mainstream at any time whatsoever?

Absurd or not, astrology always finds its way into a conversation. Many claim that is because it’s a neutral subject to talk about in a time of so strong political debate, a clue on what to do when you don’t know exactly what to do. 

This article is definitely written by a believer. An includes that:

  1. Astrology can help you eliminate the negative impacts of malefic planets. (I don’t know what is malefic planets, more research is required on this topic)
  2. You may get away from your relationship issues or marriage delay. (if you can get away from that toxic relationship, astrology can do it for you)


Crocs, a well-known foam clog shoe, has gone through phases of popularity with many many consumers across the globe claiming its usefulness with a “really very” distinctive design, the brand has become well-known for its informal and comfortable aesthetic.

I went on and asked some of my friends that wear such a mistake in their lives and usually got contradictory answers such as: “it’s ugly but ugliness is subjective” or even “It’s good for the beach”. Anyhow Crocks remain integrated into our daily lives and some may affirm is becoming a big trend once again.

New York Times wrote an article that affirms that it’s all the COVID pandemic fault.

Although the community is still “fighting”:

Crocs users claim that

  1. It’s all on purpose and its ugliness is its beauty.
  2. It’s very comfy.  

Crocs are terribly ugly. And yet very corny, you might prefer to go for grand-pa morning sandals with socks. It’s more sexy and also more comfortable

Waging wars

Although not as serious as the other two issues on our list today, war is too trendy to not make it into this article.

With climate change, the planet is getting warmer, and since humanity had no time to lose the “war trend” was getting colder, but that ain’t the case. Political scientists say humanity is already in a second cold war or at least heading towards one. A “bombastic” time when humanity was constantly threatened to go on a blender

A double apocalyptic scenario is approaching on an ever warmer planet, and probably we will be naming it the New Cold War warm, or tropical-not-very-cold-war, or even simply: “cold-warmer”.

While making this list some ideas had to be left behind, is there anything I’m missing? Are you feeling misrepresented? Please let me know in the commentaries.

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