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10 things that confuse Northern Irish people in Dublin 

When I googled this subject to see what was already out there deep in the ethers of the internet I stumbled upon a thread on with the million-dollar question “Why are Nordies so dour?”

I thought about it and concluded that perhaps we are a dour nation of sorts, or a child of divorce as I like to call it. It’s true that when we’re outside of our little corner of the Island there are a few things we find head-melting (to use the local parlance).

Here’s a list of things I find confusing as a Nordie south of the border:

1. The healthcare system, you aren’t sure how it works exactly but all you know is that you feel bankrupted afterwards, now you’ll only schedule a GP appointment if death is indeed imminent and you can’t get across the border again fast enough.

Image by Mahmud Shoeb from Pixabay

2. Unification – you thought everyone wanted the ‘wee six’ back – but since moving you’ve realised it’s not quite as simple as that –  see video below for clarification.

3. You question your staying power when you see the price of a bedsit in Dublin vs. a 4 bedroom house in Belfast

4. I’ll admit it – Southern Tayto is superior. 

5. Pretty much no one cares if your Protestant or Catholic #whatnow?! 

6. The lingo… ‘Gas’? ..prices? Oh it means funny….and ‘press’ means cupboard you say?

7. The eye watering price of booze is enough to send you up to Newry faster than you can say Buckfast. 

8. Why do we feel the need to point out or say hello to fellow nordies we hear out in the wild, as if we are far away from home … 

9. Trying to explain ‘Ats Us Nai’ and nobody getting it…  

10. Permanently having a small pile of Euro mixed with Sterling in the bottom of your bag and inadvertently handing over the wrong currency and therefore looking like a complete idiot.

Image unattributed by Pixabay

If you can relate, comment below on what confuses you..

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