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9 Funniest Tweets in Reaction to Harry Styles’ Buzz Cut

Photo by Anastasiia Chaikovska for Pexels

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last couple days, you’ve probably seen the news that UK singer Harry Styles has cut off all his hair and is now sporting a buzz cut. The singer recently finished his long tour of concerts, aptly called Love On Tour, so the change in haircut seems like a new chapter in his life as a person and an artist.

If you need a refresher, this is what he used to look like:

The picture shows Harry Styles on his Love On Tour, his hair coiffed and windswept, while dressed in black and pink dungarees that have a heart pattern. As you can see, he had a lot of hair.

On November 15th, the now infamous photo of the buzz cut dropped.

Immediately, the picture went viral on Twitter, causing division between those who liked the new cut and those that mourned his beautiful brown locks. As always, fans deal with this through humour. Here are the 9 funniest Tweets of the past couple of days.

1. A funeral for the lost locks

The Twitter user took the famous meme of Grant Gustin by a grave and attached Harry Styles’ face on top, with the grave stone showing pictures of Harry Styles’ thick head of hair. RIP to Harry’s hair.

2. A man goes to the doctor…

“When you go into surgery to get a hair transplant and then you wake up and ask the doctor: “Where’s Harry?” And the doctor says: “Where do you think we got the hair?”

3. A new music era for Harry Styles

“He looks like he belongs as the front man of a punk pop band,” a user observes. Perhaps a calculated move on Harry’s end to signal a new style of music he wishes to explore?

4. His next acting gig in sight?

“Homie looks like he belongs in a ‘Fast & Furious’ movie,” another user tweets.

5. A special type of Meet & Greet

“That’s gonna be me if I ever meet Harry Styles with his hair like that,” jokes a user, followed by a video of Harry Styles kissing the bald head of a man in the audience. For sure a memorable moment if that were to happen with a fan!

6. A scary premonition

“Harry Styles Wembley 2024,” a user predicts, attacking a photoshopped picture of Harry Styles without any hair. Honestly, an iconic look.

7. A philosophical fan raising the ultimate question

“How the fuck are you gonna be named Harry Styles with no hair to style?” the user questions. Attached is a picture of Harry Styles in the audience at a concert. It’s the first public sighting of him with a buzz cut.

8. Feelin’ shy

Another fans are actually into the new look. “I don’t know… something about Harry Styles being bald has me,” a user admits, alongside a reaction picture of Debby Ryan from the movie ‘Radio Rebel.’

9. Harold Styles

A lot of users went ahead and made punny jokes, such as this Twitter user: “If he’s bald now, is he just Harold Styles ’cause he can’t be Harry?”

Regardless of what hairstyle he chooses to have, fans all over the world love and cherish his work as an artist. You do you, Harry!

Haven’t had enough of Harry? Check out this concert video of Love On Tour (and reminisce on his beautiful hair)!

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