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10 Best cities to visit in 2022 according to the experts

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Forecasting travel trends is a tradition for the experts and media, but as we all know, 2020 travel didn’t go that well, all thanks to Covid! In 2021, we didn’t even bother gazing into our crystal ball. As travel has started to open back in 2022, we already have the list to get back to planning our ideal holiday destination like Scottsdale resorts.

There are a number of travel trends that are emerging for this year. Global guided vacation company Trafalgar, for instance, reports that summer 2022 is going to be a big one, as travelers are already filling their vacation calendars predominantly in May/June 2022.

Here is a list of 10 best cities to plan your visit in 2022.

1. Auckland, New Zealand

Within Auckland there are 53 volcanoes, more than 50 islands, three wine regions and numerous beaches. The country’s biggest and most diverse city has an emerging cultural scene, mainly focusing on the exciting local creativity. 

2. Taipei, Taiwan

This city deserves a full on exploration with a wealth of ancient religious traditions alongside a progressive LGBT+ culture. This capital has the best of its urban life that will leave you satisfied. 

3. Freiburg, Germany 

Cobbles lanes, gabled townhouses, an ancient university and a skyline dominated by the spire of its cathedral.. if this doesn’t get you hooked on checking out this place, I don’t know what will! It’s all the clichés a German quaintness can have. This city is known to have its most youthful, relaxed and sustainable lifestyle. 

4. Atlanta, USA

A cultural jewel in the heart of the American South thrives with passion and has a soul of activism. With the history of Martin Luther King’s birthplace, this lively places is screaming to be explored for much more. 

5. Lagos, Nigeria 

Looking for a wild place to party? Why not Lagos then? Explore the champagne soaked beach parties, celebrate the Afrobeat music scenes and a world class Fashion week here. This metropolis city of Nigeria’s southwest coast has all the creativity and all that could grab a traveller’s attention. 

6. Nicosia/Lefkosia, Cyprus 

This sun scorched city in Cyprus has been split since 1974, with its Greek and Turkish halves living largely separate lives. The emergence of cross community cultural projects through the exploration of the world’s only remaining divided capital and its mix of Mediterranean cultures has never been so compelling. 

7. Dublin, Ireland 

The city of Irish odyssey where Leopold walked around in 1922, Georgian squares, cobbled streets, traditional pubs and people full of humour and laughs.. need any more reasons to visit here? This city has emerged and complements by a new layer of community and diversity which adds up to its contemporary appeal. 

8. Merida, Mexico 

The heart of sultry corner of southeast Mexico, this city is full of history, culture and nature. Be mesmerised by the Mayan ruins, striking colonial buildings and mysterious cenotes. More than that, this place has earned it’s credits as one of the Mexico’s finest food destinations. 

9. Florence, Italy

It’s no secret that Florence has the world’s finest art and architecture. Emptied of its visitors and income in 2020, this Tuscan capital had to rethink its future, forging an exciting new art journey in the process. 

10. Gyeongju, South Korea 

Going on a treasure hunt of ancient royal artefacts in this city is a wonderful way to re-engage with travel. The open air palaces and grassy tombs of the Sulla nobility, moreover the hundreds of Buddhist relics adorning a wild swathe of national parks, hills and lotus ponds make this “museum without walls” a must-see and a peaceful destination. 

Did I miss one of your favourite destinations? Let me know and nominate it below. 😃

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