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Home: Where Identity and Comfort Intertwine

In our quest to understand the essence of ‘home,’ a study by Ikea, titled “Life at Home,” surveyed 12,000 individuals globally, unraveling the intricate facets of what constitutes ‘Zuhause.’ Surprisingly, only a small fraction—seven percent—associated ‘Zuhause’ with a specific place, while a substantial 37 percent believed it extended beyond the confines of their homes. This shift challenges conventional notions, revealing that ‘home’ transcends mere physical spaces for a significant portion of individuals surveyed.

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Unlocking Success: The Hybrid Work Revolution and Future Office Dynamics

Explore the transformative dynamics of hybrid work environments in the wake of the pandemic. Delve into Christoph Bogenstahl and Robert Peters’ comprehensive insights on the evolving landscape of home office and office-based work in Germany, providing valuable perspectives for businesses and employees navigating this new era of work.

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Reminiscing Home!

What is Home? When we think of home, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, home is a place where the soul

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Working from home

Before Covid-19 happened, working from home seemed like an incredible perk for most workers. Employers often thought about the idea but fretted towards it as

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The magic of working out at home

The spread of Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has led millions of people to change their daily routine due to mandatory lockdowns, to prevent the pandemic from continuing

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Pastel in all its glory.

When in doubt or indecisive of what colour to go for but still want to look classy and stylish, then muted hues, fluffy yellow chicks,

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