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Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR): A home away from home

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Before I moved to Ireland in February 2022, I made sure to secure accommodation here before coming because I was so worried that I wouldn’t have a place to live before traveling to Ireland, as there weren’t many housing possibilities for me to pick from. However, I had no idea that Griffith College has its own on-campus housing option named Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) when I chose it as my institution option to study in Ireland.

However, after I looked up a few things about the various room options, the surroundings, the facilities, and other things on their website. I was so satisfied with all I saw that I got in touch with the Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) sales staff right away to let them know I was interested in renting a room from them. I was happy when a spot was swiftly reserved for me.

After one year and three months and still counting here at Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR), I can genuinely say that it is “a home away from home”. Since the Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) opened in 2004, everyone including non-Griffith college students, Griffith college students, and Griffith college resident staff has had a nice and convenient stay at the campus accommodation.

Youtube video by Edih Vera about “Griffith Halls of Residence: A home away from home”.

I can also truthfully say that Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) also have a very good operating accommodation office where residents can visit and discuss any residential matter with the accommodation team, who are quite friendly, alongside the maximum availability of 24/7 security team, privacy, good services, and adequate facilities like laundry, fitness room, free parking, and bike storage.

Finally, I also strongly recommend residing in Griffith Halls of Residence (GHR) in Dublin, Ireland, as it is well worth every penny for anyone seeking a relaxed, cozy, and private lifestyle.

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