Makeup – A way of life

The versatility of makeup is endless. If you don’t know much about makeup or you read about makeup and you need a rundown of the

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Beauty Trends

Beauty Trends to watch out for 2021

There’s so much new and still in style  beauty trends to experiment with when the lockdown is over. Magazines like Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Vogue have

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Introducing TikTok’s First K-Beauty Community #KbeautyKrew

YouTube, step over. TikTok is the new primary source of beauty information thanks to the rise of powerhouse “skinfluencers” promoting and sharing products, reviews and information. This includes a thriving K-beauty community. K-Beauty is an umbrella term for South Korean derived skin-care, makeup and cosmetic products. Some Korean cosmetic brands have millions of TikTok followers and views. The overall consumption for K-beauty products was over €8 billion in 2019 and is expected to be over €17 billion by 2026.

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My make-up journey(Video)

Choosing a career is relatively easy these days because we live in an ever evolving world, and most jobs that exist now did not exist

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A Year of Using Glossier

Glossier is the hip, pink, millennial makeup and skincare brand with a focus on healthy glowy skin and packaging from heaven. Their product range spans lightweight skin

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