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Austria’s Best Kept Secret: The Blue Eyes of Reith

While I love the thrill of water-surface activities, the thought of actually getting in the water itself is a totally different ball game. So, I opted for a different kind of fun: sit at the lake, enjoy the view, soak up the sun and be merry. 

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Exploring a 300-Year-Old Church…and Graveyard

It was a little past 7 pm when the summer sky came into view, and the sun began its sojourn to rest behind the magnificent Austrian Alps. I sat in the back pew, taking in the beautiful acoustics of the St. Oswald Catholic Church and heard the accordion play for the very first time. Its melody reverberated/echoed through the space, filling my ears, mind and hall in its entirety, and I knew I had to come back and take an immersive tour of this ethereal space.

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Swarovski Museum Photo by Blessing Kure.jpg

Visit the Enchanting Swarovski Museum in Wattens, Austria

The moment we stepped into the Swarovski Museum, I was transported to a world of glittering wonder and instantly understood why it was called the Chambers of Wonder.
Like something straight out of a Disney movie, the acoustics was so perfect that I could have sworn I could hear the crystals chiming in harmony.

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Explore the Majestic View of the Austrian Alps from Ski Juwels Gondola

 Armed with my trusty guidebook from Alpbachtal, I felt prepared for anything. I flipped through the pages, eagerly absorbing details about the region and its hidden gems. But as the saying goes, “ Those who wanderlust wander far”, and my itinerary was just a loose suggestion, open to the whispers of spontaneity… wink wink!

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