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Zira Schön’s Perfect Design and the Perfect Photo Shoot

Zira Schön is a Fashion Design student at Griffith College, and the Circular had a chance to watch the photo shoot of her the spring/ summer 2020 collection “Rapture of the Deep” !

She inspired her collection by the ocean and the fascinating underwater world. It is an extravagant and smart day-to-evening wear collection for women.

The key feature of her collection is that all fabrics were hand pleated and draped to create the garments. The silhouette of the collection is asymmetrical and close-fitted, but flowy.

Megan Keefe Credit by Emin Oğuz Akgöz

Agnes Clara Dikoum, Credit by Emin Oğuz Akgöz
Agnes Clara Dikoum , Megan Keefe
Credit by Emin Oğuz Akgöz

She told us:

“By looking at sea creatures as inspiration for the collection, it was possible to find new and interesting shapes by maintaining a naturality, which is important for the collection. Especially, jellyfishes and rays radiate a unique calmness underwater which leads to the flowy silhouette of the garments. Nevertheless, next to all their beauty, they are toxic and fatal which makes them so interesting. The overall aim is it to convey a playful easiness and to underline the women’s femininity at the same time.” Zira Schön

Besides that, we asked some questions to Megan who was modelling for her collection.  In the video, she expressed herself, and answered the questions:

Megan Keefe, Agnes Clara Dikoum, Video: Emin Oğuz Akgöz, Zeynep Alparslan

We are looking forward to seeing her other collections as well!

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