Zagreb, a capital that deserve to be better known!

When we are talking about Croatia, we directly think about the Croatian coast, the summer festival, Dubrovnik/Games of thrones… But the country has more to offer than the Adriatic Sea and rare are the person (I mean the young generation) who knows about the name of the capital of the country. Zabreb deserve to be more know, the capital of 698,966 inabitants is pretty surprising very different than the coast! Discover then four reasons to go  this capital, it worth it !

[Credit Photo : Clémence Dumoulin]


[Credit Photo Flickr : Azra Abertish]

A surprising Architecture :
Situated at the east of the country, the architecture is more likely Budapest or Vienna. The city kept the memory of the past history and seems simply to be from another century.

A cultural rich city :
At a crossroads between the capital of several East countries; Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia, Zagreb is culturally really rich with a lot of university, theatre, garden and museum especially the famous one of the Broken Relationships. Also, one striking fact is the numbers of Cafe and bar, numerous Croatian are enjoying the terrace (even in winter).


[Credit Photo Flickr : Mario Fajt]

Zagreb is enjoyable due to its small size which permit you to cross the city center only by foot, rare for a capital! That also mean no need to pay for the transport, you will save money on this. Moreover, a little reminder, the currency there is call the kuna and to calculate the change rate, 1 Eur = 7,4514 HRK so drink and food are really affordable and you can enjoy the local market present everyday next to the main square !

Dolac-Markt in Zagreb

[Photo Credit Flickr : flöschen]

A fairy tale in Christmas :
Zagreb is also very famous for the advent month. In fact, Christmas is a really important period for the capital because it the occasion to attract a lot of tourist. Zagreb won in 2015 and in 2016, the title of the ‘Best Christmas Market’ and are seen since as one of the Europ’s best destination for the advent month. I let you judge by yourself with this slideshow and like we said travel broadens the mind!

[Photo Credit : Clemence Dumoulin – Slideshow from Slidely]

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