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Your go-to TV show to take your mind off things

Where it all begins. Credits: Pixabay

Everybody has something they use to get their mind off work, relationships… life. For some people, it is a TV show. It can be one they already saw thousands of times, of which they know the dialogues by heart, or a thirst for newness always pushing them to watch something different.

I started watching House M.D. when I was around 13 or 14, as my father was really into it. Although I liked the show, it triggered some kind of paranoia within me as I would fear to get in the same trouble as House’s patients, even while living an ordinary daily life. I stopped watching just a few episodes in.

Fast forward four years later, now in high school, I decided to give the show a second chance. I don’t really remember what led me to make that decision, but maybe it’s because it was simply my dislike of things that I felt unfinished. Anyway, I did the right thing. I swallowed the seasons whole, and I looked on the Internet to find the ones we didn’t have.

The show’s ending felt rewarding. A proper ending, after seven seasons, which, to be fair, contained only a very loose backstory. You still get to know and like the characters, through the cases ending up on House’s desk episode after episode. It also happens to be one of those shows where you can’t see any other actors playing the roles, especially Hugh Laurie as Gregory House.

Nowadays, whether I feel like rewatching the whole show or just selected episodes I particularly enjoyed throughout the seasons, it’s my go-to. As we speak, I am rewatching the seventh and the eighth season with my father who, albeit the one who introduced me to the show, never ended up finishing it.

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