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Young moms- Facebook group

photo by Elohor Ishaka

My name is Elohor Sophia Ishaka, am a mother of 2 kids. I gave birth at a really young age, knew nothing about pregnancy, preparing for motherhood and parenting. I did not know there were foods to avoid, sleeping positions or exercises to do as a pregnant woman.

photo by Elohor Ishaka

Young Moms Facebook group is set up to help and inspire pregnant women, new or already mothers, to speak about their experiences. Tips for overcoming obstacles and their happy moments where we talk about my journey to being a mother, experiences we have had and challenges.

A Facebook group is designed to encourage users to come together and connect, communicate interests, address problems, upload photographs and exchange similar material about a shared topic, problem or operation.

This Facebook group Young Moms has no restrictions on members. Every individual has different advise/suggestions to contribute or experience to share. You can post your thoughts, observations and lessons learned through texts, photographs or even videos whenever you wish. You can also add members to the group it is a public group. You can also share food, or fruits recipes to recommend.

There is something for everyone in this group, no matter what your particular parenting style might be. The group’s goal is for everyone to be a better person, and through this process, their partners can learn to assist and help. Your posts will support members beyond their gratitude and members will undoubtedly support from each post.

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