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Young Entrepreneurs Networking group launched

By Lindi Masinga

As a new year begins, many young people find themselves questioning where the coming year will lead them whether its post university, moving to a new place or starting a new job.

Another challenge is making the decision to become an entrepreneur rather than applying for a job at a company.

Some say being an entrepreneur is a gift you a born with, while others says it’s a skill you learn, but fact is that they both require motivation, support, dedication and courage.

With 2020 and COVID-19 bring a lot of job losses and change to almost every humans life, it also forced people to think outside the box, discover new talents and turning them into an income stream.

After attending numerous webinars and seeing creative businesses starting up, I felt it was vital to start a group that would allow young young entrepreneurs to discuss how to grow, build, and start businesses, as well as to network with like-minded individuals.

Young Entrepreneurs on Facebook is aimed sharing knowledge, ideas and motivating people who have started a business or those who need that push in the right direction.

The group will have tips on how to manifest your ideas into a successful business as well as be a platform for fellow entrepreneurs to share what has worked for them or assistance with connecting individuals that can collaborate with each other.

The page is open to entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world, because the current times have proven that you don’t have to be in one place to meet new people or start something new.

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