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You can’t stop the beat: Listen as a Dublin based musician weighs in on life after lockdown

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

February 3, 1959 is widely regarded as the “Day the Music Died”

Don Mclean even has a song about it.

It’s the day American rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and “The Big Bopper” J. P. Richardson were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, together with pilot Roger Peterson.

That was a big shock to the music world. Most music fans felt like the world stopped turning.

Right now, I speak for modern day music fans in saying we can relate.

It’s been more than a year since many of us have been to a live gig or festival.

And boy, do we miss it.

If, like me, you used to spend many of your evenings carting yourself around town to sample all of the city’s live music delights, then you probably do too.

With the easing of the latest lockdown restrictions many musicians I’ve spoke with are anxiously awaiting the return of gigs.

I sat down with Dublin based musician Eoghan Ó Coileáin. We discuss lockdown restrictions easing and what that means for his music.

A little back story: 

Eoghan learned to play piano and guitar while growing up in the heart of Ranalgh. From there his passion for music grew.

Whether playing for his family, starting bands with his buddies, or busking on the many musical streets of Dublin, Eoghan couldn’t get enough.

Despite his musical talents, he decided to keep music as a passion project, focusing on a degree in education.

After graduating college, through his love of music, and his love of educating children, he found himself living and teaching in Vietnam. There he joined a Jazz band. His talent catching the interest of Vietnam’s Got Talent.

He may not be famous, or a full time, paid musician, but Eoghan’s music is the soundtrack for many major events in the lives of his family and friends, as well as countless strangers.

For more on Eoghan’s story check out this video documentary I produced.

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