Xzibit performing in Tønsberg


The world famous rapper Xzibit will perform at the college pub Jernet in the city of Tønsberg tomorrow

Alvin Nathanel Joiner IV more known under the artist name Xzibit, famous for his acting career, host of the famous MTV series ”Pimp My Ride” and rap artist will be holding two mini concerts in Tønsberg tomorrow. Having had a few days in Norway,  Xzibit seems pleased with what the country has had to offer so far.

–  Travelling across Norway today. Pictures don’t say enough about how beautiful it is, Xzibit tweeted.

The artist landed in Norway three days ago after holding a concert in Russia. He has been travelling around, to among others the city of Volda, and will be in Tønsberg holding two mini concerts at the college pub.

Jitse Buitink, local promoter for the concert, is exited about Xzibit playing in Tønsberg.

–   There is no doubt that there is a real ”badass” who is coming to town. I’m really exited about the concert, he says to the local newspaper.

The artist came out with his seventh album  ”Napalm” last year. The audience will have to wait and see which songs Xzibit will be performing on stage and if he will perform some of the songs (credit clarke) from his latest album.

Many Norwegians have tweeted about their excitement over the world famous artist Xzibit coming to Norway and about the concert he had in Volda.


Can’t wait until Thursday?  Have a listen on some of his songs





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