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Writing: An expression of Self-love (Video Included)

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Anne Frank

While we write on a daily basis, it is only sometimes that we reflect our feelings on a piece of paper. Journal keeping has been a pursuit of happiness for a lot of people and the best practice for self-reflection or merely as a way of letting your emotions flow.

Although we engage in multiple conversations on a daily basis, talking about feelings has never been an easy task. Moreover, emotions are not easy to interpret, and we often struggle to understand ourselves or making others understand us. Eventually, we give up and learn to keep everything inside. Concealed feelings often lead to a state of despair and silent suffering.

It is important to perceive our feelings with an open perspective, being totally non-judgmental and understanding towards ourselves. With every remark or opinion, we develop a perception of ourselves and the world around us. While we must keep our eyes and ears open to the outside world, our inner self requires the openness and acceptance of every emotion that we feel.

The very first step towards self-loving is to accept oneself and the rest will fall in place, with patience and time. It begins when we realise and accept our assets and flaws and embrace them equally. Writing about our feelings lets us take control of visualising our life with a new perspective altogether. It’s equivalent to reading a book written by someone else and drawing our own understanding of the story and the characters. Writing provides a curative essence to the freedom of expression which can help us to unfold and develop a better understanding of ourselves.

When one writes, he or she re-experiences the moment which pushes the boundaries further, opening up the mind to find the rational rationale of the feeling one has been experiencing. This rationale then acts as a guiding step to explore deeper and lets us embark upon a journey of forgiveness and courage to face the uncertainties of life.

Write it out!

Video by Author via YouTube

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Written by : Sarah Gaur Via Instagram

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