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Our Favourite FanFics: A Podcast Nobody Asked For

Our Favourite Fan Fics

Remember that period of time where everyone and anyone was making podcasts? Now it seems like everyone with a little bit too much free time and some money to burn is turning a horse trailer into a coffeeshop.

Well, if you miss the good old days of podcasting then do I have some good news for you. Two more goons have decided to make a new podcast!

Fergus McTiernan and Seán Rose have joined forces to create “Our Favourite FanFic” and boy it really is something to be hold.

Two fine men

Both Masters students in Public Relations and Journalism, these two human cabbages have put their collective brainpower together and are excited to be sharing their creation with the world. And the resulting 10 to 15 minute show is a right hoot, a real knee-slapping comical journey.

The premise comes from the site FanFictions. Each week one of our loveable hosts will recount their favourite fanfiction they found.

It gets hot, it gets weird and it gets funny. Their dry wit, sarcasm and chemistry bring this podcast to life. The two bucks are friends first and podcast creators second.

But don’t just trust me on how amazing this new podcast is, here is what the critics had to say!

“This is single-handedly the greatest podcast ever created” – Margot
“What is a fan fiction?” – Old man Steven
” LOL, this show makes me laugh so much” – Paul
“A non-stop laugh fest from start to finish, wow!” – Gwen

I imagine your interests have been peaked? Of course they have, I’m really selling this to you.

Well if you want to listen to the first episode click below or check out “Our Favourite FanFics” on SoundCloud and Anchor.

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