‘The Worst Idea of All Time’: Taking Film Reviewing to a New Extreme

Just for a second, imagine a film that you’ve seen recently where you’ve thought: “Why did I just watch that, why did I subject myself to that torture?”. Now, imagine watching that same film once a week, every week, for a year. This is a feeling all too familiar for Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, hosts of The Worst Idea of All Time podcast.

The two New Zealand natives set out on their ludicrous journey to watch and review the same film, once a week for fifty-two weeks almost three years ago now.

Their crazy caper began with the plan to take on Adam Sandler’s ‘classic’ film Grown Ups 2 all the way back in February 2014.

After surviving this sensory torture, the brave men dusted themselves off and took on a new and improved challenge courtesy of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda in Sex and the City 2.

Now, the pair are currently approaching the finishing line of season three, where they’ve been enjoying the company of Zac Efron on his quest to become an EDM superstar in the 2015 flop We Are Your Friends.

Tim and Guy discuss season one of The Worst Idea of All Time.


Tim and Guy’s adventure began in 2013 after they met the set of a New Zealand public access TV show. The pair instantly hit it off and have been together, subdued in mayhem, ever since. Both now work as stand-up comedians performing around New Zealand,  Australia and the UK.

Since its creation, the podcast has become an instant hit, in what is such a niche and tough industry to make strides in, and has had a number of positive reviews from the likes of VICE and The Guardian.

With fans scattered across the globe, the hosts have taken the podcast on the road multiple times with live events in Australia and the U.S in recent times

In order to fund their journey, they run a Patreon page where fans can donate money to help keep Tim and Guy’s idea afloat.


Each week, you can notice Tim and Guy gradually losing more and more of their minds as they delve into a fresh review of the film which includes new sub-plots they’ve discovered as well as stand out moments, also known as a ‘shining light’.

I got in touch with Tim recently and asked him a couple of questions about their podcast, as well as podcasting itself as an industry:

What has been the ‘shining light’ of your near 3 year journey on the podcast?
At one stage, Guy and I wrote out a script of Grown Ups 2 from memory. Our friends in LA Ben Blacker and Ben Acker heard about this, and together put on a stage show to perform the script which featured Kate Micucci, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and Busy Busy Phillips and heaps of other stars and comedians. It was fucking wild. Guy and I got to read our stage directions as these famous Hollywood actors and comics performed our script. It was very surreal.
Grown Ups 2 Trailer (2013)
Has your stand-up career benefitted from the success of the podcast?
People actually come to my shows when I’m not in New Zealand. It’s a sad but very real state of affairs when you’re an international act at a foreign comedy festival and sweating your ass off flyering to get 3 people to come and see your show so you can at least put the thing on. Luckily now, some people have heard of us and even buy tickets in advance. It’s a real revelation; performing comedy to some people and not an empty room!
Tim Batt performing in 2015
How tough is it to make a living in the podcasting game, what are your thoughts on the future of the podcasting industry as a whole and the ability to turn it into a career?
Fairly hard but there’s a ton of opportunity out there. I like it cause it feels a bit like the wild west out there – there’s not a ton of established industry there yet and people are making it up as they go along. Right now I think everyone is figuring out the best way to advertise in podcast and its value. There are very few people making their whole income from it, I’m not one of them. Yet.

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Twitter: @Tim_Batt/@guy_mont

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