WorldStar Hip-Hop’s Popularity Rising

Photo Credit: Googleimages
Photo Credit: Googleimages
Photo Credit: Googleimages

“Did you see that fight?” What was it, boxing or MMA? “No, it was an after-school fight online, here, look!”

Not a rarity to be involved in or to overhear this exchange, certainly not in the age of WorldstarHipHop.

Started in 2005 by Lee O Denat initially as a mixtape distributing site, quickly became the go-to place to find the latest bar-brawl, one punch knockout or fastfood melee.

Winning Grin: Denat. Photo Credit: Flickr
Winning Grin: Denat. Photo Credit: Flickr

People can decide whether they want to view a particular fight within the search option for the site or they can simply watch the latest weekly Fight Compilation.

Denat says “I wanted it to be like the games that I liked growing up, and like Grand Theft Auto—video games where it just shows everything, where it shows what’s going on in the streets, where I’m from.”

The shock and awe site can have the tendency to turn stomachs but the site’s creator argues that he is providing a voice to the unheard. “We do a lot of community work for people that gets unnoticed. I’m not looking for a lot of exposure on that. If it comes, great.”

The site isn’t in short supply of its detractors. Some for moral reasons, others for financial.

Denat isn’t worried. “It’s because I’m black, and from the hood.” [Laughs]

But as long as people keep watching, WorldStar will keep uploading fight videos.


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