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World War II: Coupons and Clothing, Did you know?

This week, The Circular is going back in history. Looking back at the lost times and what was made out of it.

There was a lot associated with the upper and middle-class elite. In the 2nd World War you could only have a certain number of things.

Did you know: The only persons allowed to buy furniture were the newly wedded. As a normal/ single person, you were not allowed to buy dressers.

People resented these dressers back then and now dressers they are highly priced. On a dressers cost €939 as compared how much it would have cost back then.

Did you know: Back in the 19th century, the women had a catchphrase? It was “make do and make mend” Patchwork was most popular during these times.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Did you know: If you were to buy clothes then, you needed to have coupons.

Photo credit: British Red Cross, Flickr Creative Commons
Post-Second World War clothing book

Clothing coupon book owned by Gladys C Le Huray, 1947-1948, after the German occupation of the Channel Islands.

Did you know: The reason behind short skirts was because they did not want to waste materials. That has had an immense influence on our dress sense and people think short skirts were fashion.

Did you know: Models for fashion after the world war 2 were scouted for from factories and farms(land girls).

Did you know: that although there was huge rationing in clothes, lipsticks and hats were not rationed at all. When these women wear them, it is seen as a symbol of power. Especially the red lipstick, it was seen as a symbol of courage.

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