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It’s World Teachers’ Day: 16 confessions which prove Irish teachers are the best

5 October 2018 is World Teachers’ Day, a day which draws attention to all the hard work teachers do across the world.

For many of us our teachers may have seemed like figures of authority with no personality, no understanding and a love for giving out. But all this time Irish teachers have been writing their secrets on the anonymous app Whisper – and what we discover is a few dark stories which prove teachers aren’t just people, they’re amazing people!

1. They deal with everything

Kids can be quite a handful, and teachers must have seen it all – as this story proves:

Can you imagine trying to keep control of 30 infants? [Whisper]

2. They see all the tantrums

Some kids have trouble learning how to control their anger – like this kid:

Nobody’s job should involve that punishment. [Whisper]

3. They have bad days too

Some people spent most of their childhood dreaming about life without school – it seems the teachers have plans too!

They’ve got dreams too [Whisper]

4. …even if that might backfire!

Have you ever tried to take a day off for a hangover? It can’t go any worse than this:

Everybody hates standing in front of the class [Whisper]

5. They have to stand in front of the class

Nobody liked having to stand in front of the class – but it’s sweet to know not all the teachers do either:

You can’t get out of that one [Whisper]

6. They are worse than the kids

There is a bad apple in every bunch, and far from being figures of authority, it seems some teachers have a darker side:

Some teachers go rogue [Whisper]

7. …much worse

Teachers have their own hobbies and interests, you know.

All teachers have secrets [Whisper]

8. They have to deal with being spotted

Is there anything more awkward than seeing your teacher in town?

Is it really an attention you want? [Whisper]

9. They know how to use their spare time

Turns out all that marking might not be as bad as they said.

We’d do the same, to be honest. [Whisper]

10. They know how to make us sweat

Those terrifying patterns on a multiple-choice exam. Who knew there was a mastermind behind them?!

That’s cruel [Whisper]

11. They make the best wing-mates

We thought sitting boy-girl, boy-girl was a punishment. Turns out there’s method in that madness:

Putting that power to good use [Whisper]

12. They have some unusual punishments

There was always that teacher who’d see you do something wrong, and turn a blind eye to it:

The punishment must fit the crime [Whisper]

13. They are fighting the system

It’s no secret that the teaching industry is full of problems, but it’s good to see that teachers are fighting the system as best they can:

The right decision [Whisper]

14. They will take a bullet for anyone

There’s no karma in teaching.

This isn’t fair [Whisper]

15. It is the most rewarding career

Who wouldn’t be won over by this?

That’s heartwarming [Whisper]

16. We never forget them

No matter how much older we get, we never forget a good teacher.

They don’t know about all the good they’ve done [Whisper]

Who knew that the humble Irish teacher could be hiding so many secrets? World Teachers’ Day sounds like a good day to thank them for all that they’ve done – and for all they’ve put up with!

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