Working and Studying Part-Time? 8 Things NEVER to Say to a Working Student

1.‘You ate two bags of Haribo, the rest of the grated cheese and a box of Rennie??’

Yeah but I wrote three paragraphs and set up two WhatsApp groups….

2. ‘Em…there’s a chickpea on your gearstick.

You try negotiating a fork  while indicating right, talking to your mom on speaker phone and trying to remember the landmark works of 19th century philosophers Kant and Rousseau.

3.Are you still studying?

Yes. Yes I am.  

4. ‘Sure all you have left is the bibliography’

Referencing never gets easier and you never, ever remember how to do it. Ever.

5.    ‘What do you mean you haven’t watched ‘Stranger Things’?’ 

 Well, it’s just that I have my day job…and then I have college…and then I have study…and sometimes I like to eat dinner…and wash my clothes…and have a shower.

6.    ‘Oh right, sounds tough. But you’ve seen ‘The Atlantic’ right?’

 I HAVE NO TIME!! Capisce?

7.    ‘Okay. Okay. But how have you managed to watch all of Say Yes to the Dress

I don’t see your point.

8.  ‘So what’ll you do when you leave college?’

Every minute of the next three weeks is planned, but you have no idea what you are going to do with the rest of your life.

But don’t panic!




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