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Working from home

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Before Covid-19 happened, working from home seemed like an incredible perk for most workers. Employers often thought about the idea but fretted towards it as they believed it will slow down the productivity of the employees, communication and teamwork.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people working form home increased drastically after the most countries were forced into lockdown Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wearing pyjamas and working form home has become a reality for most employers and for most people, they are benefitting working form home. What seemed impossible is now the new norm. Most employers provide their employees with computers and other necessary gadgets to enable them communicate effectively but that is as far as they can get. Employees have to ensure that they have steady connection to the internet for an uninterrupted work.

The Irish Government has also planned to introduce new laws that will give workers the right to choose between working from home or working from the office.

Mr Varadkar said that “post-pandemic, I want remote working to be part of a whole new world of work, and this new Government strategy sets out how we will enable it”. “Working from home has become the norm for many in 2020. We want remote, blended and flexible working arrangements to be a much bigger part of life after Covid. We’ve seen that there can be huge benefits: more flexibility, less commuting, more time for family and friends. It’s better for the transport emissions, and for quality of life, but it has to be done right.” Irish times: New Laws

Interview on working from home

Even though it brings comfort, some employees still feel the need to want to work from the office, others think working form home and working from the office should be shuffled. For some employees, not being able to meet with employees physically, virtual meetings, having to balance work and personal lifestyle all at home is not as encouraging.

Of course working from home has its Benefits and its Disadvantages and both employers and employees are still finding ways of balancing the new lifestyle.

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