Working as a Student

Me in my beautiful work uniform!

Last weekend, was one of the craziest weekends of my life, I ended up working 26 hours from Friday until Sunday. I left Dublin at 12noon and arrived home in the lovely county of Westmeath at half 1, it was from there that I had a shower, and into my uniform and into Mullingar for an evenings work in The Annebrook House Hotel, which I must say is a really nice place to work in. And then it was home Friday night at 11.30pm and back up for 8 the next morning, and again 8am on Sunday morning.

Of course I complained about all the hours I was working, but when Friday comes and the PayCheck arrives by email, I will be more that happy to have worked all those hours, but the thing that I find the most stressful and frustrating while working as a student is the little amount of college work that gets done over the weekend.

A number of my friends also have part-time jobs at weekends, so I set out to see if I was the only one who felt like this, or if everyone else was the same too.

Anne Keoghan who works with Benefit is in her final year as a beauty and hairdressing student. She has had a part-time job for the last two years, but luckily enough the job she is working in has got to do with her degree so she is constantly learning for her own studies. But she too feels that her college work is slacking, because she doesn’t have the time to do college work. Anne also feels that it has made her college experience more stressful because her life is busy all of the time at the minute.

A video I came across on YouTube talks about working as a student, and difficulties students face when it comes to not having a student life, luckily enough my student “social life” hasn’t been affected, but maybe if i had put less time into going out work wouldn’t be such an issue, but as the saying goes, “no regrets”

I posed the question on Twitter “how many of you guys have part-time jobs and are students? what are the difficulties in this, does it affect your college work??”, these are some of the responses I got..

Overall my whole experience while working as a student has been a good one, I get to meet so many new people every week, people who have so many stories to tell, and they are not shy at telling them. I also have made many friends through work as well, so it seems that my college work has suffered greatly because of working, but the experience I have gained will stand to me forever.


  1. Enjoyed the piece Marie, well done. You won’t find it difficult to get a writing gig – you got the talent.

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