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Women’s Rights Day – Stats on Women and Consent.

Study-by-NousToutes-about-sexual-consent - Matthieu Dumas

Published on March 3rd, the results of a study conducted by #NousToutes, a French organization fighting for women’s rights, are staggering. Seventy percent of women declare they have been pressured into a sexual relationship. 75% of the respondents were between 15 and 35 years old.

Study-by-NousToutes-about-sexual-consent - Matthieu Dumas
Study-by-NousToutes-about-sexual-consent – visualized by Matthieu Dumas.

On international women’s rights day, The french association Nous Toutes released scary numbers about the condition of women regarding consent. This study is a real mind opener, that will hopefully help us getting conscious about the consent issue. The organization also called for the testimony of women who experienced pressured sexual intercourse:

“If he asks 20 times, and the 21st I say yes, what is it then?” –

 – “If he does it while I’m alseep, what is it called ?”

“I didn’t want him to get mad” –

 -“Is it rape if i change my mind and he pressures me to keep going ?”

The simple fact that these are questions makes everything even more worrying.  This society we live in is often miscomprehending feminism as a fight for women to dominate men when it’s the last thing they want.

They only fight for a society where they wake up knowing they won’t be harassed for being a woman, a society where menstruations are not taboo and understood (like the sometimes crazy taxes on women hygiene product for example) and a society where there is no need to ask if as a woman, you get less money for the same job.

And last but not least, a society where women are safe in their own relationships. These numbers may be shocking or criticized but here there are, proving once again the need for our society to change their behavior toward women, and hopefully pushes the discussions about these kinds of issues, why is it still so awkward to talk about that in 2020?


“Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”
Cheris Kramarae






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