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Women’s Hub – online community

photo by: ifeoma ochulo

picture by Ifeoma Ochulo

My name is Ifeoma Ochulo, am a journalist, content creation, and feminist that is passionate about documenting the lives of women in a different part of the world, mostly in Africa. The Women’s Hub is an online community where we share ideas, articles, creative photography, documentary, or videos that depict the life of women across the globe.

All over the world people face discrimination, inequality, and violence because of who they are. This discrimination can limit them from taking up certain responsibilities, attaining certain academic and career goals, or participate in political positions. Women experience different forms of discrimination due to their sex and gender, in Nigeria, for example, they have one of the lowest rates of female participation in the parliament. Also in the United State of America, the biggest problem that women face is patriarchy, that is particularly noticeable in the political sphere. Regardless of their experience, qualification, or skills, the patriarchal essence of United State culture supports the idea that women are less competent and less talented than men.

Domestic abuse and rape are another main concern for women around the world, although this issue affects the men as well. Global figures released by the W.H.O. show that about 1 in 2 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual abuse or harassment, in their relationship during their lifetime.

Several issues are faced among women across the world that need to be reported and documented and the Women’s Hub is a platform encourages each member to participate. The Women’s Hub is a Facebook community that advocates for change in how women are being seen in the society, it is not just to document women’s issues but ranges from women’s lifestyle, success stories, etc. This online community is open to both male and female from around the globe, please feel free to join us at


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