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Women And The Society: ‘The Girl-Child’

Photo by Suvan Chowdhury from Pexels.

This is a podcast involving a series on ‘Women and the Society’. The first episode is about the ‘Girl-Child’ and what the society is doing to protect the ‘girl-child’. This series is about the narrative on how the society has made an impact on the girl-child, either negatively or positively.

The Introduction of this podcast is centred around the women and the society. The universality of the female gender experiences and what the society entails. The society as a whole differs with locations, because culture, belief systems and traditions makes up a given society.

The podcast continues to describe how the society has failed in protecting the girl-child and their innocence, with discussions ranging from child-marriage to rape offences.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels.

The Podcast concludes with proffering solutions to the issue and prescribing the roles of the society in protecting young girls. Particularly, the family plays a huge role in the formation years of a girl. With proper reformation and education, family can play a huge role in the reconstruction of socialization with respect to feminism.

The video below shows the amount of damage that child marriage does. Young girls lose their self-esteem, become disengaged from their family at a very young age, abused and talked down at. These are not the generations of young girls that we want, it is however vital that victims of child marriages are protected and empowered. Culture and traditions should be respected but children should be protected. They are innocent and their innocence should not be taken away from them.


Family is the most salient unit of socialisation and inequality of women to men starts from Families. Feminists argue that family is related to Feminism in the sense that there should not be gender-conditioned roles in the family.

Child sex trafficking is also one of the issues that needs to be addressed in our society. Girls being sex trafficked, cut from their families and loved ones and forced to fend for themselves. Ms Anneke Lucas spoke in a Tedx talk show on how she was able to escape and live a normal life again in the Youtube video embedded below.

A woman should not be told that because of her gender she should perform certain chores, or that the man should be the sole breadwinner of the family.  Gender discrimination in families affects generations and forms the psychological orientation of girls on the power of their attributed gender.

The series will still continue with respect to the discourse on the female gender.

Do you think the society is promoting the girl-child?.  Kindly leave your comment in the comment section below. Thank You.


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