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Women still making dangerous decisions for beauty and approval

Over time, women have been made to look and feel a certain way. Throughout the years magazines, tabloids and fad diets have left women feeling like they should have a certain body type and appearance to be deemed worthy of media attention and approval. If a female celebrity was seen out in public, not looking her best or simply weighing more than the industry standard it was posted all over tabloids and newspapers. With it being 2022 and many people talking about the importance of mental health and positive body image, it would be believed that this stigma should no longer occur.

Unfortunately in certain issues that is not the case. In fact, women still feel this way today, with some celebrities carrying out drastic diets to look a certain way. As recent as last week, Kim Kardashian raved about how she had undergone a strict diet plan to fit into the iconic Marlin Monroe’s ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress, which she wore to the annual Met Gala.

With Kim Kardashian herself saying that she felt like she was “playing a role” as she lost 16 pounds in three weeks to fit into the dress, it puts an emphasis on what other celebrities and actors do in order for them to be accepted by the industry. For young men and women, looking at these people, they feel that this is what beauty looks like and this is how people should act and look like to be accepted by society. With this being an ongoing issue over the years, many celebrities have took to social media to discourage individuals from playing by this narrative and to stop promoting fad diets and a particular image.

“Stupid, harmful celebrities” is what Reinhart described celebrities who choose to advertise their weight loss and how they achieved it. Advocating for younger women, Lili feels that these messages should not be sent out to the public as it can be deemed as unhealthy for audience members and people who struggle with their own image and self esteem.

Another celebrity who has recently featured on the cover of Woman’s Health is Hillary Duff. As a star actress on the Disney Channel, Duff has always been scrutinized by the public for her appearance. Now as a mother and a more independent woman, she is taking control over her own body.

This tweet from Duff, explains how she has had three children and she is happy with her body and how it has changed overtime. With these positive influencers on social media, it is important to promote these messages of body positivity and confidence. As everyone’s body is different and peoples body’s change over time, we need to look at social media in the broader scale as opposed to looking at certain celebrities who choose their image over their happiness.

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