With Michael Moore celebrating his birthday today, we look back at his most successful documentaries

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As famous documentary director Michael Moore celebrates his 61st birthday today, we look back at some of his most successful documentaries that have got the attention from the American people but also people from around the world.

3. Sicko.



Michael Moore’s Oscar nominated film ‘Sicko’, was released in 2007 and was a huge success.  The documentary goes into great detail about healthcare that is offered in America. With America the richest country in the world, Moore goes into detail of the huge amounts of money being paid to the people at the top and also how expensive healthcare is for citizens of America.  Overall this is a great documentary that opens your eyes to corporate America. once again not looking after the poorer people of America.


2. Fahrenheit 9/11



Probably his most controversial documentary that was released in 2004. Fahrenheit 9/11 tells the story of the events after 9/11,  with Moore displaying how the Bush administration used the tragic events of September 11th to follow through with unjust wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.  A lot of people disagreed with the views of Moore in this picture while others were intrigued and found it interesting to find out things that they did not know about America and the people who run it.  The documentary did win best picture at the Cannes Film Festival but was not nominated for an Oscar as was deemed too controversial by the Academy. Overall it is a fantastic film and well worth the watch.


1. Bowling for Columbine




Bowling for Columbine is Michael Moore’s most successful documentary with the American director winning an Oscar for it.  Bowling for Columbine was released in 2002 with the film focusing on the events of the Columbine shootings in 1999 and gun control in America and if guns are necessary or not. With so many murders and homicides involving guns, Moore focuses on how easy guns are able to obtain as well as focusing on shootings that have occurred in America that could have been prevented if there was a change to guns laws. This movie blows your mind and affects many emotions and was deserving of receiving an academy awards.


Overall these are three of Michael’s Moore most successful documentaries and I hope someday to see him make another masterpiece that will once again appeal to people all over the world and not just America.

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