Winterparty’16 At The 3 Arena: Review

Master class from Sven Vath - Cian Moore

Winterparty ’16: The best night of the year so far!

After getting through one of the longest weeks ever, where time would creep by as slow as a one legged dog on tranquilizers, 7 o’clock Sunday night saw me waltz out of work and into the 3 Arena, via the off license for a quick fix.

Arriving at the venue, formerly known as ‘The Point’, at around 8:20 I quickly slipped inside as the ques were very short, which was pleasant as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Walking through the doors made the levels of excitement multiple as I could hear techno banging from the speakers inside.

Walking through the doors made my levels of excitement multiple as I could hear the music banging from the speakers inside.

Eventually, I got onto the dance floor and looking around was just surreal as Matador had just begun to perform his live set to a roaring crowd. Belting out some cracking tunes before Hot Since 82 came on, the highlight of his set being this gem at the very end: Oxia- Domino.

Hot Since 82 kept the party going, after Matador had finished.

Cool and composed, he set the tone wonderfully well for the main event, Cocoon boss, Sven Vath.

Leaving the stage, Hot Since 82 received a marvelous send-off from the crowd before Sven got down to business!

If you’re into the underground scene at all, you’re going to know who Sven Vath is. Dubbed the Godfather of techno, I had seen videos and been told stories of how he was the greatest and my god was that the truest statement I’ve ever heard.

After all the excitement and anticipation in the build-up to the event, I had expected him to be amazing just from reading and listening to what legends of the underground industry had to say about him, but you can’t fully appreciate how talented he is until you witness his genius first-hand.

A masterclass is the only way to describe his performance, as he had the whole arena in the palm of his hand, every song sounding better than the last, I didn’t want it to end….

….. but sadly it did and Sven Vath received a well-deserved round of applause from an elated audience, but the night didn’t finish there as Oliver Jones AKA Skream was on hand in Opium Rooms, with his open til close tour, all night long to keep me going until the small hours of the morning.

My body is still suffering from a hectic night, but it was well worth it as I and a lot of other ravers will be eager to hear if this happens again next year!

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