Win the Euromillions? Buy Teletubbies’ house?!

What would you do if you won the EuroMillions? Buy an island with a yacht and a private jet? Buy mansions and fill them with a garage full of all the cars you could dream of? Or would you buy ‘The Teletubbies’ house?

Teletubbies Teletubbies' house

Yes that is right.

Young couple, Matt and Casey Topham, from Stapleford in England won the EuroMillions’ £45 million jackpot in February 2012. They are leaving their £90,000 former council house for the £5m ‘Teletubblies’ mansion in Nottinghamshire which they have called ‘Serenity’.

The couple's old home

The couple’s old home, a former council house

They have commissioned a creative architect to build their dream home. Its exterior is set to be clad in solar panels, complete with garage hidden behind a waterfall. The house will have 8 bedrooms, a cinema and a swimming pool.

Plans for their incredible home 'Serenity'

Plans for their incredible home ‘Serenity’


Officials are expected to rule on planning permission this summer. The young couple have previously spent their money on paying off relatives’ mortgages, and giving more than £1million to a close friend.

Matt and Cassey Topham

Matt and Cassey Topham


I have to embarrassingly admit that I watched ‘The Teletubbies’ as a child and used to think that their house was the coolest thing. Don’t pretend you didn’t watch it…


The Teletubbies’ intro

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