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Is Covid-19 Going On Easter break?

The outbreak of the novel corona virus otherwise know as Covid-19 has sent more than half of the world on lock-down; businesses and world economies on their knees; religious gatherings on a pause mode; loved ones sending e-hugs as borders are closed and travels banned; and claimed thousands of lives.

Medical professionals advised some of the ways to stop the virus from spreading are through maintaining good personal hygiene and social distancing as the virus could be spread through droplets from an infected persons when they cough, sneeze or exhale. This has called for more restrictions from government of various countries of the world with some countries employing the hands of the police to ensure people adhere to the restrictions.

However, it seems the ban is going to be lifted to allow for the Easter celebrations in one of the states in Nigeria. The governor of River State Nyesom Wike last night on his twitter handle Gov. N E Wike Information wrote that the ban will be lifted for the Easter season to allow Muslims gather for their usual Friday prayers and Christians celebrate Easter Sunday, ask for God’s mercies so he can wipe away the pandemic.


His tweet encouraged all Muslims throughout the state to go for their Juma’at Prayers in their various mosques and prayer grounds on Friday 10th and pray for peace, blessings and forgiveness of Allah upon the state.

He also encouraged all Christians in the state to attend church on the Sunday April 12, pray to God for forgiveness so that he will continue to intervene in the affairs of the state and protect the people and state from getting the corona virus.

He further stressed that the ban is lifted for only the specified dates and that restrictions on market places, clubs, funerals, parks, festivals, sea ports, etc. still stand.

However, his tweet has sparked many reactions from Nigerians. Some are praising him for acknowledging God and telling him he is working under the direction of the spirit of God.


However, there are others who are asking if they will be advising the virus to go on Easter holidays as well.


There are some who are of the opinion that he wants people in the state to get the virus so he would get 10 billion naira corona virus fund from the federal government.


Others are asking if this move isn’t going jeopardize the impact he country has made so far in contending the virus.


Mr. Wike on Wednesday 26 March announced the closure of land borders, sea borders and the ban of vehicles from entering and leaving the state as a preventive measure in curbing the spread of covid-19. According to the Nigeria Center for Disease control, as at 9:50 pm April 13, River State has recorded two confirmed cases of covid-19. The country in general has recorded 343 cases, discharged 91 and 10 deaths.

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