Wicked Witch number one on I Tunes 74 years after release


margret 1The number one song on British I Tunes is 74 years old and was originally sung my munchkins.


The Wizard Of Oz classic celebrates the death of the wicked witch of the west is part of a stark political statement.


A Facebook campaign is encouraging people to buy the track to celebrate former priminister Margret Thatcher’s death.


She died last Monday due to a stroke, age 87.

margret 2


The soaring sales of the song are a heavy reminder that Thatcher remains a fiercely divisive political figure. For the most part she was either loved or hated. Still, many think the campaign is in bad taste and its put the BBC in quite the bind.


The campaign wanted to see the song played this weekend on the BBCs official chart show.

After days of debate the BBC announced on Friday that it would play a short clip of the song, but not the whole song, calling the decision a difficult compromise.

By Amanda Cullen

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