Why you should use influenced marketing to grow your business

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Influenced marketing has been practiced since the 1920s. However, the form in which we know it today (social media influenced marketing) became popular in the last few years. Many business owners rely on influenced marketing as a way of promoting their product or growing their business.

 Influencer marketing refers to a situation where a brand works with a prominent online personality or influencer to promote their business.

 In this article, we will explain why you should use influencer marketing to grow your business.

 1. This is a fast way to build brand awareness

 Influencer marketing is a fast way of increasing the visibility of your brand. When popular influencer posts or creates content about your brand, most of their fans or followers will see and engage with the post. Hence, more people will learn about the brand and the services offered or products for sale.

 2. Influencer marketing is an effective way of reaching your target audiences

 An important step when using influencer marketing is choosing the right influencer. The right influencer should be someone with an audience that matches the target audience of your business. For example, FashionNova (a fast fashion brand) used influencers like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and Kehlani to market their products. In 2018, fashion nova became one of the most googled fashion brands in the world.

 3. Influencer marketing is cost-effective

 One reason why influencer marketing has become so popular is its cost-effectiveness. Brands can pay influencers to post content about their product and forgo the cost involved in running a traditional advert. 

 Importantly, before you collaborate with a social media influencer, you should perform some checks. You can pay an auditing company to make sure the influencer’s followers are active and that they fit Into your target audience demographic.



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