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Why you should use apps to schedule your Instagram posts


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If you are a casual Instagram user, scheduling your posts may seem like overkill. However, if you own a personal brand or manage multiple Instagram accounts, scheduling your posts is a step in the right direction.
Instagram is a great tool for public relations and increasing brand awareness. One of the keys to achieving this is to post cohesively and consistently.
Here are some of the reasons why you should schedule your Instagram posts

1. It is easier to have a cohesive feed. Many Instagram planner apps allow you to view what your Instagram feed would look like when you post a picture. Some apps allow you to schedule nine posts at a time so that you can see what the audience will see when they open your instagram page. If a post does not fit your brand, you will be able to identify this before you post it.

2. It is a time saver. Posting content on Instagram is easy. However, posting meaningful content that fits your brand and elicits a reaction from the audience can be time-consuming. So, we recommend that you schedule your Instagram posts for the week ahead of time. Choose the right captions and hashtags when scheduling your posts.
This process may take a few minutes or hours; it depends on how many posts you are scheduling.

Some of our favorite applications for scheduling Instagram posts include  Hootsuite, Later and Tailwind. Some of these applications are free but offer limited functionality.


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