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Why the conflict between Kendrick Lamar and Drake can be beneficial for both and how everything has changed dramatically

It is not for nothing that love and hatred are considered the strongest feelings and have evoked a huge response from the public since ancient times. This is why public conflicts between famous people attract so much attention. Nowadays, no less interest is focused on the relationship between two world-famous rappers – Kendrick Lamar and Drake.



Kendrick Lamar and Drake achieved popularity at approximately the same time – at the very beginning of the 2010s. And they have worked together in the past.
The first signs of the feud began around 2013, when Kendrick mentioned Drake in the lyrics of the song Control, which he recorded with Big Sean. But in those days, Drake himself was more occupied with the conflict with Meek Mill, and later with Pusha T. Let us remember that it was the latter who revealed the fact that the rapper had a secret child.

However, in 2023, the track First Person Shooter was released, where Drake apparently decided to return to the past conflict. Lamar, naturally, decided to answer in his usual manner. There are lines in “Like That” where he directly references “First Person Shooter” and subtly hints at the fact that Drake is nowhere near his level of skill.


In fact, some online suspect that Drake and Lamar are working together to make more money for music industry giant Universal Music Group – both rappers are quite closely associated with the organization. Others suggest they are simply trying to distract attention from more pressing issues in the music industry.

But, one way or another, everyone has already received their benefit from this conflict. In the minds of many fans, the two were cemented as the two major rap titans of the decade. And financially, no one was left at a loss – Like That, for example, suddenly hit all the charts, which hasn’t happened for a long time with Lamar’s tracks. Drake got his too. On May 6, the pair’s diss tracks entered the top five songs on the Spotify Top 50 – USA chart.


Kendrick and Drake were extremely interested in continuing their conflict. And it doesn’t matter who will be declared the winner in the end.

True, this was exactly the case until the quarrel began to move into a more personal space. On both sides the accusations became more and more serious.

In general, if at first fans judged Drake and Lamar only by their lyrics and music, now everything has moved into a completely different plane. The first, of course, received enormous benefit from such a high-profile conflict, but at the same time, his reputation is now worse than ever. In rare cases, someone is interested in the moral character of the author, especially if the accusations had no evidence. However, Drake will definitely need time to get rid of this unpleasant plaque.

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