Why ‘The Carrie Diaries’ should be renewed for Season 3


After Friday nights season finale of The Carrie Diaries, there is still no word yet on whether the Sex and The City prequel will be renewed for a third season.

The news that The CW were going to air a TV adaptation of the book series, was originally met with some scepticism; widely seen as an attempt to simply capitalise on the success of the HBO series.

On the surface, The Carrie Diaries might appear to be a superficial teenage Drama but in its first two seasons, the writers have tackled some very relevant topics e.g. teen pregnancy & homophobia. The show may be set in the 80s but its story lines are still just as important for teens and their families in 2014.

Here are a few of the main reasons why I think The Carrie Diaries should be renewed:

#1. Nostalgia – Fashion, Music & The Lack of Technology

I grew up in the 90s so I can’t exactly say I remember a time when shoulder pads, neon shoes and leg warmers were in fashion, but I certainly find it refreshing to watch a show where mobile phones are few and far between. The lack of technology (namely the internet and social media) in this period Drama seems to clear the way for more substantial story lines.

1170719_426484880797054_290691902_n(Photo from The CW  Facebook)

I’m a huge fan of 80s music so  this soundtrack is my idea of a great playlist. Madness, Depeche Mode, Billy Joel, Talking Heads, Madonna, Duran Duran.. the list of great music moments on this show is endless.

882893_356587294453480_815328650_o(Photo from The CW  Facebook)

Of course, one of the main aspects of the show… the fashion. Season one saw a lot of bright, bold makeup and historically accurate 80s fashion but needless to say, as the show’s popularity increased so did its need to appeal to a 21st century audience. There is less embarrassing puffy hair and bright eyeshadow in the second season. It almost seems like 80s inspired fashion rather than actual 80s fashion… but i’m all for it because the style on the show is to die for.


(Photo from The CW Facebook)

#2 – The Writing & Its Social Impact

I’m sure most viewers would agree that it would be very interesting to see how the show starts to merge with Carrie’s future “Sex and The City” life. The writers have already made a start with introduction of Samantha this season.

For most of the audience, one of the most interesting aspects of this show has been Walt’s storyline. In many ways a lot of  the difficulties he faces as a gay teenager are exclusive to the era, but in others it is heart wrenching to realise that things haven’t yet progressed. The relationship between Walt and Bennet is arguably one of the best written gay relationships on screen at the moment and there has been massive support for this element of the show online, especially throughout the LGBT community.  The CW don’t exactly have a long history with well written LGBT characters or story lines but I think this is one they have definitely gotten right.


 (Photo from The CW  Facebook)

I think it would be a shame if it wasn’t renewed for at least one more season. There really is a gap in the market for a show like this. If you think so too you can head over to change.org and sign the petition set up by fans to get The Carrie Diaries picked up for another season.


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