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5 main reasons to study abroad:

Photo by Catarina Sousa from pexels

Getting out of your comfort zone, discovering another culture… Studying abroad is a real opening to the world. 

Why studying abroad is beneficial for a student?

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Studying abroad is a big challenge during student life. Usually this is not mandatory, but it can be the best decision of your life. Go to the end of the process asking to be very safe and courageous. But if you have the opportunity, there is no downside to not going abroad to study. 

But above all, which destination to choose? Here, the best destination to study abroad !

1st – Discover a new culture: 

Each country has its own culture, own history and its different language that is sometimes very different from your own. Discovering another culture can only increase your openness and your general culture. Learning from others is very important, especially when it is with people who do not have the same way of life, the same way of thinking or other traditions. 

They can especially teach you their language and so by practicing, you can come back bilingual.

Which brings us to the second point, language learning. 

2nd – Learn a new language: 

Photo by Pixapay from pexels
Photo by Pixapay from pexels

By going to study abroad, you will be confronted with a language that is rarely yours. After a period of adaptation and practice at school or in your daily life, it is likely that you will return from your practically bilingual stay. This requires determination because depending on where you go, languages can be complicated. How to learn a new language quickly in 10 top tips ?

Ps: speaking another language is an advantage in your professional future.

3rd – Grow and gain maturity:

To study abroad is generally to be alone. Leaving the family nest is a big challenge in the life of a student. We must start with a goal: GROW. Indeed, university exchange periods are between 18 and 25 years old, the period when we generally enter adult life. Leaving 6 months or a year away from home makes you grow, acquire new responsibilities, and allows you to find yourself with yourself. 

It is a real opening on us and on the world. Getting out of your comfort zone can be complicated so here are 6 steps that can get you started.

4th – Discover a new way to learn

credit: Keira Burton

Each country has its own way of teaching. This is in keeping with cultural differences. The teaching methods are not the same. Facing new methods, new skills can only increase your skills. Studying in a language allows you to get professional vocabulary in this new language and therefore adds value to your school exchange.

5th – A bonus for the professional future: 

Having an experience abroad is very rewarding for your future employers It reveals an adventurous character, who takes risks and who is not afraid to leave his comfort zone. As said before, speaking another language is very rewarding because if your future company collaborates internationally, it will not be a problem for you. Going abroad can increase your network. Indeed, you will meet many people: students, professionals who can later help you or recommend you in your job search. 

In conclusion, it takes a lot of courage to study abroad, but it is not insurmountable. It can be very beneficial.

Please let us know if you would like to study abroad. For more information, here’s a podcast ⬇️ summarising why it can be, for you, the best experience in your life

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