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Looking into local Food Market.

Sometimes thinking of how far our food had traveled to get down to us makes us wonder if they are still healthy for consumption and to think they have to be preserved makes it less fresh and will definitely get it at an expensive rate. On the other hand, walking into a local shop and get locally made fresh food would be more relieving. In essence, “Local” food is food made are those produced in the same environment (could be county or even country).

When it comes to the topic of buying local content, it has many positive outcomes for the country on both its reputation and economy. When the money of the country is circulating instead of leaving, the country’s economy.


Buying local food products could be said to go a long way in supporting the local farmers who have put in so much work to produce this food for consumption, their efforts would not be thwarted and those products would not go to waste if there is continues patronage. It also helps their business flourish. No matter how small the business is, continuous patronage can take it to a higher level even though gradually, but surely it would thrive.


Aside from the producers of this food, there are also people who benefit from buying local products and these are the retailers. These shop owners expand their relationship with both the producers of the food and the consumers because they can be referred to as the link chain between these people. It not only gives them a source of income; it also helps

them but also makes them know people around their surroundings. When a person buys food from a retailer and tells his friend or college, and they also patronize that retailer, his/her network is increasing.




There are also environmental benefits of buying locally made food. One is that it is Eco-friendly and helps remove carbon footprint. It allows for the use of less fuel and fewer greenhouse gases. It would also enable the lands to thrive as farmlands which are business rather than promoting the building of big shopping centers thereby promoting the Green environment. In maintaining these, there would be less use of pesticides, and farmers would pursue food production. It can promote tourism because people would love to visit such an environment which means more money. And lastly, there would also be less packaging required.


The quality of this food produced locally cannot be overemphasized. They are highly nutritious because due to less food travel miles, it is less contaminated and would be less risky to our health. For those who are sensitive to preservatives, locally made food is the best option and people with food allergies have a variety of fresh food to pick from. The high nutrient content is due to less chemical (pesticide and preservatives), good variety of flavor due to seasonal food.


There are lots of local producers that have been dedicated to producing food for the Irish community and they are Avonmore, Keelings farm, Ballymaloe, etc.

Avonmore is a dairy company that was established in 1966. It was the idea of a group of Irish farmers that came together in Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny. They make their products from their own farm and it goes through a rigorous process of testing before it is distributed fresh into the market. Their products range from milk, cream, cheese, soup, rice custard, and butter & spread. Currently, they are Ireland’s largest milk producers and it’s a household name in every big and small city in the country. They have made it easy for the Irish people to have access to these Dairy products without having to pass through procedures. Not forgetting they also export to China.

Supporting local businesses is very important to the local community because they create jobs for residence thereby empowering its members, they increase the economy of whatever community it is situated because the money stays back in the community, they also make suppliers to local business owners, and they are known to always give back to the community through charity and it also supports cultural diversity.



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