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Why is it important to think ?

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In a time when we have to be pro or anti, for or against, thinking is old-fashioned. Speed is better seen than taking time, slogans are more appreciated than debate, we do not think anymore : we are just getting brainwashed by what we see without any critical sense. 

Why is that ? Well, Philosophers have undertaken this question. Etienne Klein for instance tries to explain on the media Brut. FR that it is considered inappropriate in our today’s society not to be clear about our thoughts. Having strong opinions is seen as self-confidence while being moderate in our opinions would suggest that we doubt and it is rather a sign of weakness than intelligence. Doubting is however a good thing, it shows that we are human and that we cannot know everything because we are endless learners. Doubting and thinking are directly related, as Descartes says “I think therefore I am”, I would allow myself to suggest : I think therefore I doubt. 

Social media are actually the opposite of social, admits Etienne Klein, the fact of being behind a screen encourages us to insult and argue with each other. You would think that you would never like to meet these “uneducated” people. Although you would be surprised that these people would never talk to you in this way in front of you. Because we are social human beings and we need to be accepted in the society, which includes we need to be liked and understood.

In the news or on social media, we often hear or read people being pro-whatever without realising that nothing is ever all right or all wrong. Before his Twitter account permanently suspended, Donald Trump was the Worldwide champion of strong opinions, subtlety and common sense are not part of his strengths. Unfortunately, he is far from being alone in this situation. 

Which is why it is important to take some distance from social media, and from the news as well. In a situation of Global Pandemic when it is complicated to see our loved ones, we could be fully absorbed by mediocre TV programmes, fake news and new problems to avoid talking about the real ones. By watching abnormal things every single day, we could get easily distracted and tend to think that abnormal is normal.

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