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Why is Ireland one of the biggest Co2 Emitters in the EU?

Ireland is one of the biggest Co2 emitters in the European Union. The biggest industry that causes Ireland to be one of the biggest polluters in the EU is the agriculture industry. According to Eurostat, between the years 2007 and 2018, Ireland had the highest CO2 emissions regarding agriculture with numbers between 25.4 and 31.1 percentages compared to other areas of pollution. This makes Ireland one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the European Union. Because Ireland has a big agricultural industry, the methane gasses released from areas of agriculture decreases the air efficiency resulting in pollution and climate change.

Created by: Ezgisu Yeniocak on Visme. Data Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Ireland is a huge cattle producer. Most of the greenhouse gasses released to the atmosphere is caused by agriculture. Beef production in Ireland is also a huge contributor to the annual greenhouse gas emissions and this is for the only purpose of producing meat and dairy products.  

“I cannot believe that as humans, we are bringing our own end.”

We spoke with Lara Naserikhojasteh, a scientist who works in Istanbul Bilgi University laboratory as a bioengineer about the issues of the climate change in general. “I cannot believe that as humans, we are bringing our own end.” She first stated. “It is not whether or not this will have short-term effects on human health, but we are talking about the end of everything on earth. Which in this rate will eventually come.” She thinks that even one person’s efforts in helping the environment matters in terms of using more sustainable daily products however she also agrees that real and long-term change will not occur unless big industries make a rapid change. In terms of the agriculture industries, the air pollution occurs from the overproduction of beef because of the consuming demand. The more beef is produced unnaturally, the more methane gas is release to the atmosphere. Which damages the atmosphere “This is not the proper place to discuss this but because humans overproduce and overconsume, we damage the natural balance of the environment. I am not saying to abandon eating meat altogether but at least the demands can be fulfilled in a more sustainable way.”

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