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Why going to college may be good for you

For many people, deciding either to go or not to go to college is a difficult one. Although many people believe that going to college is a waste of youth, you cannot obtain the experience from college anywhere else. Although getting a job and making money as soon as you finish your leaving certificate examination is very enticing, going to college may be suitable depending on what you want in life.

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In 2019, Harris Poll carried the LEGO survey that concluded that Youtuber/Vlogger was the most popular career choice for children, and you do not need college to have a career on Youtube. However, going to college will not stop you from pursuing a career in Youtube. Although the prospect of skipping college may seem like a good idea, here are some reasons why you may rethink your decision to do that.

Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship

The life of entrepreneurs is always glamorised. Everybody wants to be their boss, fair enough. People shun 9-5 jobs these days and think it is beneath them. They also believe that deciding to go to college means settling for a 9-5 forever. What people will not tell you is that entrepreneurship is not for everybody. The reality is that an entrepreneur does a 24/7. Although you may think you get to choose your hours, do you choose your hours? Not being an entrepreneur does not make you less ambitious, and going to college does not mean you cannot eventually be an entrepreneur.

Increased earning potential

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According to the Pew research centre, not going to college is getting more “costly”. People who go to college are more likely to be full-time employees than their counterparts that do not. Those who go to college are also more likely to get the necessary education to help them progress in their careers. Going to college may bring you more fulfilment in future than if you do not. A Lumina Foundation survey also discovered that the probability of a college graduate being employed is 24% higher than his counterparts that do not go to college. You may be tempted to mention Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs, but these men make up a tiny number of college dropouts who have become incredibly successful.

Healthier living

Asides from the financial aspects, going to college may increase your chances of living a healthy life. The survey by Lumina Foundation found that people who go to college are also more likely to live healthy and get health insurance. Their likelihood of obesity and alcoholism is also lower than people who choose not to attend college. They eat right, exercise more and have a reduced risk of disability.

Meeting people and developing skills

Going to one of the top universities for mba in uk can allow you to meet people from different backgrounds and experiences. You can meet people in your class and interact with them as you do group projects and assignments. Learning to work with your classmates can be very useful in your professional life as employers regard teamwork as very important. You also learn time management, organisation, presenting, public speaking, research, and critical thinking skills in college. These skills are essential after college and in the employment market.

If you are indecisive about college, know that there is no perfect decision in life. The most important thing is to do what you believe may be best for you. You never know until you do it. If you think that going to college is best for you, do not hesitate. There is no time machine to see the future so make a decision now. The voices against getting a college degree may be loud as many anti college campaigns are going on these days. However, it is up to you to silence them and let your heart and head guide you so you do not get bulldozed out of a beautiful experience you could have.

Now, if you have made your decision to go to college, consider looking at the schools with courses that would help you in the long run. Colleges like Griffith College, which has its main campus in Dublin, offer a wide range of courses you can do.

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