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Why Everyone Should Write at Least a Book in Their Lifetime

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You do not have to be a “writer” to write a book. However, cliché or weird that might sound, it is totally true. We live in a world with billions of people. And best believe, every one of us has a story or an experience that is worth being creative about. Everyone has an idea, or a character, or a plot that they would love to put on a book shelf one day. Perhaps there is a unique great uncle or aunt that did something so legendary you think everyone should read about.

Photo by LubosHouska from Pixabay

And even if you are not in the least ambitious, you could write a book to share with your friends and families.
Writing a book is something we should do at least once in our lifetime. There is no better relief and solace other than seeing your thoughts pass through the creative process to be brought to life.

Youtube. 5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book by David Ally.

Writing is not necessarily a skill that one has to understudy or learn perfectly. With dedication and a little bit of passion, one can tap into the introspective activity that writing is all about. Creativity is not rushed. Hence, writing doesn’t have to happen within a week, a month or even a year. The trajectory of your creativity will determine how long it will take to write your book.

Writing a book has changed lives. It has impacted knowledge, and given us the opportunity to self-reflect and discover things we wouldn’t ordinarily think about.
Writing a book gives you the opportunity to dig into yourself and explore emotions. It brings the artist in all of us and makes the universe a more colorful place to live.

Also, since fulfillment of one’s creative process is fundamental to the writer, it has been reported in many quarters that writers are happier than many other people. Writing grants writers peace, even sometimes underserving tranquility.

In a virtual interview with my respondent, Grace, a young woman, I asked her what writing and books means to her. We discussed on the role of writing. (Full Interview below)

Audio Interview with Grace. Host: Rita Ovabore

At least, once in a lifetime, everyone should write a book. What better way is there to gain perspective and understand the value of your own willpower? What better way to touch people and inspire more people to pick up their pen or hit their keyboard with their own splash of creativity.

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  1. Ooh Rita- I actually really like this. It sounds like such a daunting task, but you’re correct, we all have a story and someone is out there to listen.

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